Autumn 2008 | Number 15 | Paul Razzell, Editor

News and Commentary
Editorial, Paul Razzell
Chairman’s Column, Robert McCamant
Letter to the Editor, Paul W. Nash
Parenthesis Turns 10, David Jury
Society of Wood Engravers Seventieth Exhibition, Miles Wigfield
The Kelmscott Chaucer Census, William and Sylvia Peterson

In Memoriam
Remembering Paul Hayden Duensing, Richard L. Hopkins

Printing in the Shadow of Aldus Manutius, Peter Koch
The Revival of the Petrarch Press, William Bentley

History & Methods
Cui Bono? Printing the Greek and Latin Classics in a Semi-Literate Age, Bruce Whiteman
Fine and Private Press Editions of Rudyard Kipling, David Alan Richards
Sylvae: an Adventure in Fine Printmaking, Gaylord Schanilec

In Type
Henk Kreijger and the Raffia Initials, Peter Enneson

Reference Shelf
Designing the Mentoring Stamp, Barry Moser
New Vintage Type, Crispin Elsted
book art object, David Jury

Reviews: Press Books
Georgics, Crispin Elsted
Prometheus Bound, Bruce Whiteman
The Role of Line in Art, C.J. Fox
On Collecting William Morris, Fran Durako
Hung out to Dry, Phil Cleaver
Antarctica, John Russell
Leaves from the Pie Tree, Andrew Steeves
Mimpish Squinnies, Charles van Sandwyk
The Double Escape, James P. Delgado
In Darkest England, Crispin Elsted
Dutch Silverpoints, Paul Delaney
Coincidental Pleasures, Michael Barnes
Playground Football, Jeremy Wilson
The Intimate Stranger, Susan M. Allen
Pshaw!: 30 Years of Poltroonery, Kyle Schlesinger
Beckett's Last Words and Poems of the Great War, Sebastian Carter

Books Briefly Noted   Paul W. Nash