February 2008 | Number 14 | Sebastian Carter, Editor

News and Commentary
A Tribute to Dennis Hall, Rigby Graham
Selling the Goods, Michael Taylor
Bridges on the Backs, David Gentleman
The Spectatorpers, Sebastian Carter
Stepping Up to the Stone, Christopher Wakeling
Sussex Printmakers, Dennis Hall
Non-fiction Books, Willem Keizer
Parvenu Press, Dennis Hall
Fine Press Poetry 2, Crispin Elsted

Events and Exhibitions
Fifth Friends of St. Bride Conference, Simon Loxley
Bood Design: Past, Present and Future, Sebastian Carter
Contemporary Book Design, Jerry Cinamon
The Codex Symposium, Martyn Ould
Literary Circles, Sebastian Carter
Unregulated Printing, Martyn Ould

Mark Arman, John Randle
Tom Colverson, Dennis Hall
Bernard Taylor, Carl Darrow
Anatolii Kalashnikov, W. E. Butler

Reference Shelf
School Prints, Jeremy Greenwood
Jan Tschichold, Jerry Cinamon
Collected Lapidaria, Jim McCue
Picturing and Poeting, John Trevitt
The Ancient Mariner, Sebastian Carter
Do You Believe in Crafts?, Sebastian Carter
Handmade Type, Sebastian Carter
The Bookman's Wake, Swithin Crumb

Reviews: Press Books
Whittington: Pages from Presses, David McKitterick
Old Stile: Leading the Cranes Home, Nancy Campbell
Incline: Burin, Box, and Board, Simon Brett
Hedge Sparrow: The Pride of Mankind, Anthony Dowd
Inferno: Sem Hartz and Juliana, Dave Farey
Books Briefly noted, Paul W. Nash