August 2007 | Number 13 | Paul Razzell, Editor

News and Commentary
Bibliosity in Appleby, Kathy Whelan
In Memoriam: Chris Stern, Jim Rimmer

History and Methods
Poetry and the Fine Press, Crispin Elsted
Sweet Paper, Rollin Milroy and Reg Lissel
What is a Private Press, Jerry Kelly
Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured: The Evolution of the Broadsheet [. . .], Graham Moss and Kathy Whelan
A Quarter Century of Non-fiction Books by Private Presses 1890-2005, William Keizer
Letterpress Workshops and Courses, Morva Gowans
Cristal Remade: A Digital Letterform Remade for Letterpress Printing, Gerald Lange

Buchdruckatelier bleikloetzle, Annette C. Disslin
Beyond the Merely Good: The Typography of Bob Lowry, Patricia Thomas

Avalon Press, Hans van Eijk
Barbarian Press, Paul W. Nash
British Libary and Oak Knoll Press, Simone Mynen
Wood Engraving: The Art of Wood Engraving & Relief Engraving, Abigail Rorer
David Godine, Neil Shaver
Electio Editions, Crispin Elsted
Fox Run Press, Rollin Milroy
Granary Books, Kathleen Walkup
Moving Parts Press, Bruce Whiteman
New York Center for Book Arts, Crispin Elsted
Oak Knoll Press and The British Library, Andrew Steeves
Harry Carter, Typographer, Michael Barnes
Rampant Lions Press, Scott Krafft
Robin Price, Sidney Berger
Rotovision, Oak Knoll Press, and the British Library, Michael Barnes
Strawberry Press, Paul Razzell
Susan Allix, Mark Dimunation
Uitgeverij Thoth, Crispin Elsted

Books Briefly Noted
Compiled by Morva Gowans and Paul Nash