November 2006 | Number 12 | Dennis Hall, Editor

Oxford Fine Press Book Fair 2005, John Smith                                   
Oxford Guild of Printers’ Wayzgoose
The Long-Awaited Fair Manager’s Report, Toby English
The Gregynog Letterpress Prize 2005, David Jury
From the UK Chairman , Martyn Ould
The FPBA and the Internet
Illustration Competition
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Sebastian Carter
The Lure of Letterpress, Rosemary Roberts
The Cambridge Illuminations
Bad Type Conference, Sebastian Carter
Colour and Autolithography in the 20th Century, Ruth Artmonsky
Decorated Papers at Manchester, Tanya Schmoller
Repeat Patterns from Fine Presses, Dennis Hall
Printer in Residence, Donald Kerr
The Graven Image Press, Stan Greer
Automatic Word Division, David Byram-Wigfield
Count Potocki of Montalk, Rigby Graham
Dmitrii Saenko: Bookmaker and Artist, W. E. Butler
I Delight in Visual Torture, Nigel Bents
The Demise of the Letterpress Workshop at Libanus Press, Michael Mitchell
More Christmas Cards and Books, Dennis Hall
The Twelve Days of Christmas, Simon McMinn
The Rainbow Press, Sebastian Carter
The Gaberbocchus Press, Jasia Reichardt
Peter Lazarov and his Pepel Press, Willem Keizer
Edward Bawden, John Norris Wood
The Evergreen Press of John Grice, Michael Harrison
East Anglian Printmakers, Dennis Hall
Obituary: Ruari McLean, John Randle
Obituary: Frank Martin, Dennis Hall
Obituary: Vance Gerry: The Printer from Pasadena, Adela S. Roatcap
Obituary: Jonathan Gili, Glynn Boyd Harte and Warren Editions, Ian Beck
Word into Art, Artists of the Modern Middle East

Book Reviews
The Inward Laugh & Edward Bawden, Editioned Prints, Nigel Weaver
Infinitely Perfect, Simon Brett
A View of the Cotswolds, Norman Scarfe
The Bricks of Venice, Peter Barnitt
A Lifetime of Drawing, John Davies
Art for Life: Peggy Angus, Pauline Pauker
Stanley Morison’s Egg-Sandwich Exegesis, Paul W. Nash
Writers and Artists of the Dorset Coast, Rigby Graham
For Books That Never Were, Anthony Dyson
The Pocket Paper Engineer, Nancy Campbell
Ghost Poems for the Living, Betty Bright
Book Typography, John Trevitt
The Banbury Chapbooks, Dennis Hall
A Paper Snowstorm, Dennis Hall
The Hunting of the Snark, Alan Powers
The Marcan Visual Arts Handbook
The Well Lettered Cat
Jack Beddington, Dennis Hall
Letters to my Father
A Lament, Dennis Hall
Books Briefly Noted, Paul W. Nash