If you are aware of events or exhibits that might be of interest to the fine press book community, please email us the details so we can post them here.

GrangeOpenDay3 The Grange, Ellesmere [UK] runs courses during the year in bookbinding, letterpress printing, and marbling. They also have an Annual Book Day, which this year will be on 25th June. In addition to their own exhibits, there will be stands from: J. Hewit & Sons (stockists and suppliers of materials and tools for bookbinders), F. J. Ratchford (stockists and suppliers of quality cloth and paper), Graham Moss of the Incline Press, Ludlow Bookbinders, Marches Book Arts, Salopian Books, The Medlar Press, The Juniper Press at the Bluecoat, Jessie Miller and Hedge Sparrow Press, and the Society of Bookbinders (North West). They have a website with all the details.

An exhibition of fine printing, originally shown by the St Bride Foundation and the FPBA in London in November last year, is transferring to the Gordon Russell Design Museum in the Cotswolds from 30 April to the end of June 2016. Curated by Designer Bookbinders Fellow Lester Capon and Museum Manager Michael Lovibond and sponsored by Bonhams, the exhibition features books printed by UK fine presses over the past few decades, many of which will be for sale. A catalogue will be available.

Gordon Russell was a design pioneer – a furniture designer, maker, calligrapher, entrepreneur, educator, and champion of accessible, well crafted design. Schooled in the Arts and Crafts tradition of the Cotswolds he believed that good design has a lasting impact on people’s lives. His great skill was making connections between hand and machine, craft and design, theory and practice, landscape and architecture. The parallels with the craft exercised by fine presses are obvious so this exhibition will be a double pleasure as the books on show will be exhibited on and alongside the furniture in the museum.

The museum is at 15 Russell Square, Broadway WR12 7AP, UK and is open 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Its website is at www.gordonrussellmuseum.org.

The Oxford Guild of Printers Wayzgoose, Saturday 11th October, 2014, from 10am to 5pm at Oxford Brookes University.

Free entry; over twenty private presses, type, paper, marblers, book-binders, booksellers, etc.

Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair 2012, Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, 12–14 October 2012

The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of Canada is pleased to announce the 2012 Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair. As the only international antiquarian and collectible book fair in Canada, the TIABF will feature exhibitors from across Europe and North America who will bring a wide ranging selection of books, maps, prints and manuscripts for your perusal—including travel and exploration; natural history, science and technology; children's and illustrated; fine press and limited editions; modern first editions and signed volumes; antiquarian and incunabula; as well as interesting and unusual books of all kinds. Whether you are an experienced or novice book collector, a librarian or an archivist, a scholar or an academic, or are simply interested in books and the book arts in general, you will find something to your taste.

CODEX 2017, Craneway Pavillion, Richmond, California, 5–8 February 2017

Annual Ladies of Letterpress Conference.

Illustrated Title Pages: 1500 – 1900, Cantor Art Center (Stanford University), 13 April 2011–16 October 2011

Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn, Smithsonian Libraries Exhibition Gallery (National Museum of American History), 14 June 2011–30 September 2011

Mostra del Libro Antico, Bologna, 23 September 2011–25 September 2011

11th Annual National Book Festival, Library of Congress (National Mall, DC), 24 September 2011–25 September 2011

Movable Type That Moved the World: The Art, Craft & Politics of 15th-century Books , Book Club of Washington (Seattle), 25 September 2011

Libro Curio: Reconstructing the Book, Philadelphia Center for the Book, 27 September 2011–April 2012

Printing from the Edge: 36th Annual APHA Conference, UC San Dieo (La Jolla), 14 October 2011–15 October 2011

Conversation and Book Party with Gaylord Schanilec and Russell Maret, Center for Book Arts (NY), 21 October 2011

32nd Amsterdam Antiquarian Book, Map and Print Fair, Amsterdam, 28 October 2011–29 October 2011

Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair, Toronto, 28 October 2011–30 October 2011

21th Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair, London, 4 November 2011–5 November 2011

Hamilton Wood Type Wayzgoose 2011, Two Rivers (WI), 4 November 2011–6 November 2011

Critical Tensions: 10th Annual St. Bride Library Conference, London, 10 November 2011–11 November 2011

38th Australian Antiquarian Book Fair, Sydney, 10 November 2011–12 November 2011

35th Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair, Boston, 11 November 2011–13 November 2011

10th Annual Book Arts Festival & Holiday Sale, Minnesota Center for Book Arts (Minneapolis), 19 November 2011

Book Paper Scissors, Philadelphia Center for the Book, 19 November 2011

Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair, Copenhagen, 24 November 2011–26 November 2011

Paul Nash Evening, St. Bride Library (London), 1 December 2011


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