The Fine Press Book Association’s inaugural Student Type Design Competition sprang from the hope that by building bridges between printers and young type designers we might end up creating new material resources for the fine press community. Cash prizes were offered in two categories: text families and titling faces. The winning titling typeface not only won a cash prize, but also was to be engraved and cast in metal by Ed Rayher of Swamp Press. The jury was a lively mix of digital type designers and fine press printers: Ben Kiel of House Industries, Sara Soskolne of Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Louise Fili of Louise Fili Ltd., Chip Schilling of Indulgence Press, Andrew Steeves of Gaspereau Press, Bob Baris of the Press on Scroll Road, and Russell Maret. There were thirty-eight designs submitted by thirty-six designers, representing nineteen collegiate programs from around the world. The entries distinguished themselves, particularly in the text families, for their complexity and ingenuity. When compared to initial type releases of the hot metal era, these type designs encompass a breadth and completeness of which most metal foundries could only dream. After a number of rounds of judging, the jury finally reduced the field to six winning designs, submitted by students from Australia, France, Germany, Latvia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Money to cover the cost of matrix engraving was provided by a generous donation from Anne and David Bromer. We were also able to offer significant cash prizes to one winner and two runners-up in each category thanks to funding provided by Monty Montgomery and Ian J. Kahn of Lux Mentis, Booksellers.

Winners of the 2013
Student Type Design Contest

First Prize, Text Family
Jakob Runge
Typeface: Franziska

School: Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel, Germany
Teachers: Albert-Jan Pool and Prof. André Heers
Online Specimen
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Runner Up, Text Family
David Foster
Typeface: Blanco

School: Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Den Haag, The Netherlands
Teachers: Erik van Blokland, Peter Verheul, Paul van der Laan, Peter Bilak, Christoph Noordzij
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Runner Up, Text Family
Isabel Urbina
Typeface: Galea

School: Cooper Union, New York, NY
Teacher: Jesse Ragan
Galea will be available this summer at

First Prize, Titling Face
Aleksandra Samulenkova
Typeface: Pilot Black Italic

School: Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Den Haag, The Netherlands
Teachers: Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Peter Verheul
Online Specimen
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This typeface will be engraved and cast in metal by Ed Rayher of Swamp Press. To reserve fonts in advance, contact Ed at:

Runner Up, Titling Face
Miguel Reyes
Typeface: Roco Fat Display

School: Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Den Haag, The Netherlands
Teacher: Erik van Blokland
Online Specimen of complete type family
Designer's website

Runner Up, Titling Face
Francis Ramel (with other class participants Nicolas Roussel, Romain Gamba, Julie Luzoir, Guilaine Harnist, Fanny Woimant, Francis Ramel, Sung Yee Jung, and Soraya Sanuan Bornay)
Typeface: Messine Titrage

School: École supérieure d'art de Lorraine-Metz, Metz, France
Teacher: Jérôme Knebusch, with the help of Alejandro Lo Celso
Online Specimens one, two, three.
The typeface is proprietary.