The contest is now closed.

General Entry Rules

Eligible Entries
Any new, original Latin titling typeface or text family designs produced or published by a currently enrolled student between September 1, 2011 and March 15, 2013 are eligible. Typeface designs may be submitted only by the student or students involved in their design. Typefaces created for the FPBA, by or for the chair, jurors of the competition, or current members of the Board are not eligible for entering.

Ineligible Entries
Extended or revised versions of older, previously published type designs are not eligible. This includes upgraded typefaces with newly expanded glyph sets in the original script (e.g., with added Latin glyph subsets, design variants, small capitals, ligatures, swashes, alternates, numerical styles, expert, localized and historical forms, stylistic sets, ornaments).

Designs published before January 1, 2012 are not eligible.

All entry forms, PDFs, and payments must be received by Friday, 15 March 2013.

Entry Format
Entries must be submitted by PDF upload and be pre-formatted as 11" × 17" or 17" × 11" (US Tabloid). Either vertical or horizontal formats are permitted. Layouts should not rely on color, but may use grayscale to differentiate important aspects of the design.

To ensure anonymous and fair judgement of entries, the names of the typeface, designer, client, manufacturer or distributor must not appear anywhere in the PDF.

Character Showings
Proofs should show a complete character set and a text setting. In the case of complex extended multi-script character sets, insure that the showing is comprehensive enough to allow the jury to judge the design appropriately.

Complex System Showings
Submissions of text and display Type Superfamilies, including digital fonts produced in Multiple Master or OpenType formats, should follow the above guidelines, but may feature more than one font or style in each showing.

Marking of Entries
Entries must be clearly marked, in the front, upper left-hand corner of each sheet, with the appropriate Competition categorization as detailed in the Categories section, and with the font format (ie. PostScript Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master, or Open Type).

Marking examples:

Entry Categories
TITLING TYPEFACE: Individual typefaces of capital letters, points and figures only designed to stand alone, with no stylistic variants.

TEXT FAMILY: Typefaces designed and entered for competition with stylistic variants such as roman, italic, and bold, or small capitals. Up to and including eight variants are allowed.

Only Latin script formats will be accepted.

Only typeface designs that are original and not derived from pre-existing designs or from existing typeface font software are eligible.

No Extension Design Category
Designs (added styles, added weights, added ornaments, etc.) that are substantially based on existing designs that are themselves not eligible for entry (e.g., older than 1 January 2011) are not eligible. Only new designs are acceptable.

PDFs must be submitted through the FPBA Web site entry forms.

Forms of Payment
All payments must be made through PayPal.

The winning designer in both the Titling and Text Family categories will be awarded a cash prize of US$750. Two runners up in each category will be awarded a cash prize of US$250.

Winning and runner up submissions will be published in the 25th issue of the FPBA's journal Parenthesis in the fall of 2013.

The winning titling typeface will be engraved and cast in a single size (24pt) of new metal type by Ed Rayher and be issued as a new font in the Swamp Press catalog. The prize money of US$750 will constitute the winning designer's royalty fees for said typeface and the designer will have no claim to further royalties from the foundry. The digital files of the winning design will remain the property of the designer and the foundry will have no claims to the design other than the single size of foundry type mentioned above.

Deadline for entries was Friday, 15 March 2013. No additional entries will be accepted.