Trying Out the New Site

This is still under construction, but please leave comments to this post to let me know if you like the design, what's helpful, what's not, etc.  Note that the "Categories" are incomplete, but would encompass all of the presses represented on this blog.

2 Responses to “Trying Out the New Site”

  1. Kathy Whalen Says:

    Hi John, I usually read FPN in my aggregator, but think the new site looks good.

    I’ve been meaning to write to ask if you know about the Codex Foundation, and, more importantly their conference next February.

    We’ll be there — or at least Graham will, it’s a bit too expensive for both of us to go.
    Keep up the good work.
    Incline Press

  2. Cody Says:

    Just happened on your site. I have been looking for more blog type sites on the web because I am just adding wordpress to the back end of my new site.

    Did you know you can easily add aa header image or choose different themes to your blog? The layout is great! WordPress is a great solution to blogging. You can find different themes out there for free if you have any interest in that kind of thing.

    I always like the announcements and content you post. Keep it up!


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