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Though less than a month old, L.D. Mitchell’s blog The Private Library has already earned an Editor’s Choice award from Blogville. Congrats, L.D!

With The Private Library, L.D. discusses subjects of interest to those building their own private library including how to stock and furnish your library, where to buy books, designing the library, and other considerations, all presented in a chatty and knowledgeable posts. The Private Library is updated almost every day, so you may want to subscribe to keep on top of things. What’s more, L.D. has equipped his blog with hundreds of links to sites of interest to readers, collectors and bibliophiles of every stripe. For a blog that’s less than a month old, it’s already quite a deep resource and should repay visitors who check in often.

L.D. Mitchell is a book collector, antiquarian bookseller and professional librarian and a much valued member of the Fine Press Book Association.

— Paul Razzell

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  1. L. D. Mitchell Says:


    Your kind words are much appreciated!

    At the moment, I’m simply laying the groundwork for the more interesting stuff that comes later…such as how to build and maintain a collection of fine press books!

    I would be delighted to see a lot of fine press folks join the conversation…. 🙂


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