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New Blake Book from Incline Press

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

walkingill3New from Incline Press is Walking Round Cambridge with William Blake:Auguries of Innocence illustrated by Rose Harries. The Incline Press folks write: “Rose Harries was a stranger to Blake’s couplets until last year when she spent some time with them, then, wandering the streets of Cambridge, fitting her impressions of the poem with the modern scenes of street-life. Not surprisingly, her line drawings open the text in a new way, prompting the reader to a fresh view of a complex masterpiece.” The text is set in 18-point Baskerville, printed on Zerkall, and bound in quarter-cloth and decorated paper over boards. The price is GBP 45 (includes postage); there are also unbound sheets available for GBP 33 (postage included). More details (and a picture of the book) at the Incline Press website; to order, visit their How to Order page.

— John Russell