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Call for Subscribers: PPL’s Occasional Nuggets

Monday, May 11th, 2009

The Special Collections Department at the Providence Public Library have announced a new publication, Occasional Nuggets, that will feature items from the PPL collections. The intent is for this to be a quarterly publication and there is a call out for subscribers at Notes for Bibliophiles. Occasional Nuggets will continue only if there is sufficient interest from subscribers; as an added incentive, all income above the cost of printing will go to support the PPL’s D.B. Updike collection on the history of printing.

— John Russell

D.B. Updike and the symbolism of The Altar Book

Friday, May 1st, 2009


Rick Ring of the Special Collections department of the Providence Public Library, shares some fine images of The Altar Book, designed by D.B. Updike. Rick also shares Updike’s own commentary on the symbolism he used in the book’s illustrations. According to Martin Hunter, ‘this was the work which, at the height of the excitement generated by the Arts and Crafts movement in both America and Europe, gave Updike an international reputation at the age of thirty-six.’ An interesting read. Part II of Rick’s post is here.

— Paul Razzell