Slideshow: Parenthesis pattern papers in production

Every time we publish an issue of Parenthesis, our 100 de luxe members receive a special limited edition of Parenthesis which is case-bound and presented in a slip case with a parcel of items specially printed by presses from around the world (see photo above). For example, past parcels have included wood engravings by Gaylord Shanilec, Frank Martin, and Simon King, printing from Henry Morris and Nicolas McDowall, pochoir by Peter Allen and Ian Beck, and a poster for the Pennyroyal Caxton Press edition of the Holy Bible.

This fall, the slipcases for the de luxe copies will be bound in a specially commissioned pattern paper made by Leigh McClellan of the Meadow Press in San Francisco. If you’d like to see a series of photos showing these papers being made, go to and click on the link at NEW! How to Make 125 Paste Papers in a One-Bedroom Apartment.

To become a de luxe member of the FPBA (and receive a handsome limited-edition copy of Parenthesis twice yearly) or to be come a highly valued Standard member (and receive 2 copies of the standard issue each year) go here.

— Paul Razzell

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