Russell Maret’s Kickstarter Campaign: Casting and Engraving New Typefaces


This is exciting: FPBA member Russell Maret has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise US $25,000 to enable the Dale Guild Typefoundry to engrave and cast in metal a new proprietary type family designed by Russell himself.

There are several reasons you should support Russell’s Kickstarter campaign:

  1.  The books Russell will produce with this type will be — if his previous books are any indication — marvellously rich, intelligent, and beautiful.
  2. Your contribution will perpetuate a craft that has changed remarkably little since Gutenberg’s day and will enable relevant books to be printed and published with types of our own time rather than with types from an earlier era.Your contribution will help keep the private press book relevant to our own time.
  3. Your contribution will benefit YOU in a material way: Russell is thanking backers with his own broadsides and books. (As someone fortunate enough to own a couple of Russell’s works, trust me: they are worth having!)

Go have a close look at his Kickstarter campaign and watch his video appeal. This is a worthwhile and important project and one that deserves your support.

— Paul Razzell

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