Robin Price tries crowd funding

Robin Price is the latest high-profile fine book practioner to use crowd funding for a project. Her “Letterpress Apprenticeship” campaign on indiegogo launched early in October–and will end November 21–and had (at this writing) raised $4,990 toward a $22,000 goal.

An early successful attempt at this was Terrence Choinard’s Ink Dial site on Kickstarter. He raised $35,000 to develop an ink-mixing tool, with the fundraising ending in January, 2012.

FPBA’s North American Chair, Russell Maret, was wildly successful in another Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly twice his original goal of $25,000 for development of a metal typeface from his own design.

But for each success, there are probably several failures. It would be interesting if someone had the time to calculate the rate of success, and discover the factors which seem to lead to success or failure.

Price’s campaign is unusual in that it is passing the funds through the Codex Foundation, which permits funders to deduct their funding as not-for-profit contributions.

The funds will pay for an apprentice to Price who has already been selected–Brittany De Nigris–so that Price can spend more time on instruction and mentoring.

–Bob McCamant

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