News from Whittington Press

John Randle just announced that the Whittington Press has a new website that includes lots of information on upcoming titles as well as a brief history of the press. What else is new at Whittington? Lost and Found: Rachel Reckitt’s wood-engravings for The Mill on the Floss, A Vision of Order: 35 linocuts by Andrew Anderson (for more on printing A Vision of Order, there’s a blog put together by the printer, Tom Mayo – it’s low on content now, so maybe bookmark it and check back later), and of course another issue of Matrix on the way.

Although it’s not new, I have to mention a book that I noticed while looking around the new site. Portmeiron was published in January 2009, but I hadn’t heard anything about it. If the one image from it (reproduced here) is any indication, Portmeiron is a pretty stunning book!

— John Russell

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