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The monumental Art for Life: The Story of Peggy Angus was finished a month or so ago, but I had forgotten to post it here:

Art for Life is a big book, 240 pages and 15 x 10 inches. It is letterpress printed on a Victoria Platten Press in Monotype Scotch Roman and Italic (’cause we thought Peggy would approve) on a bespoke Magnani paper. The book has been hand bound in the workshop of designer binder Stephen Conway, using quality bookcloth and a patterned paper made from one of Peggy’s designs. As those who knew her will appreciate, Peggy’s output is much too large to be contained between the covers of a simple book. The pages are filled with photos, reproductions and prints. The book needs to be specially housed. In consultation with Stephen Conway, a slip case has been devised to hold the book and a specially-designed portfolio. This will contain four facsimile sketchbooks and a CD of Peggy taken from the tapes Carolyn made while working on the book with her. On the CD are a few of her stories of life in the 1940s, opening and, of course, Peggy singing Raggle Taggle Gypsy O.

The book is priced at £300 or $600 including all mailing and packing charges.

Also upcoming is A Paper Snowstorm: Toni Savage & the Leicester Broadsheets, a biography of this important figure in the English folk music scene of the 1960s which will contain a whole slew of broadsheets: facsimiles, originals, and new ones printed by Joe Quercus at the Aardvark Press, Alan Brignall at the Hedgehog Press and Cynthia Savage’s Fenice Press.

Due for publication November 1st 2005: A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, with colour illustrations by Chris Burke.

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