(Relatively) New from Incline Press: Garden Relicts

Garden Relicts by Bert & Molly Eastman was published by the Incline Press last Fall or perhaps even last Summer [I really am behind on things!]. From the website:

As with gardening, this is a joint effort. While Molly may hold the pen and Bert the knife, each looks over the shoulder of the other as the work progresses, making this a thoroughly integrated collaboration. There are twenty-one pages, printed recto only, hand set in 24 point Bembo italic and illustrated with fifteen one, two and three colour linocuts and copper relief etchings. The stab-sewn binding has been done by hand in the workshop of Chris Hicks using cloth hinges and an original Curwen Press Elizabeth Friedlander patterned paper over the boards. Printed on Magnani paper in an edition of 140 copies, all numbered and signed.

Order a copy or get in touch with Graham & Kathy.

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