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THEY WERE IMPRISONED FOR LIFE IN CHILDHOOD. They had done nothing, committed no crime, it was just that they had to be put away forever, not because of who, but of what they were. Death alone brought release—and a fading into the footnotes of history—to the Royal Children of Wales, the last heirs to a dynasty stretching back to the Roman Empire and shattered in the thirteenth century by the English Conquest.

In The Lost Children Byron Rogers has attempted to give back their lives to these small pieces of political debris, whose only offence was that they had been born. In the process he has, in Gwenllian, the only child of the last native Prince of Wales, created a national icon. There is now a Gwenllian Society which by public subscription has raised a memorial to her; poems have been written, songs addressed to her, and she was even the subject of a profile in, of all things, the Daily Mirror. Suddenly, after 700 years, one of the lost children is a human being in her own right.

Illustrated with pen and ink drawings by Anna Ravenscroft.

Gwasg Gregynog has produced a limited edition of 300 numbered copies set in 13pt Monotype Perpetua and printed letterpress on Somerset pure cotton mould-made paper. Each copy is individually bound by hand in full red cloth, with printed cover and spine, and is presented in a complementary slipcase.

£95. March 2005

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Gwasg Gregynog.

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