Looking for examples of marked-up proofs of a fine press book

Fine press people, collectors, librarians:

In each issue of Parenthesis we run a two-page spread called “Copy & Print” in which we show the marked-up proofs or designer’s sketches for the layout of a fine press book. (See the image below for an example.) “Copy & Print” is meant to be mostly visual — something readers can take in through pictures, and to see behind-the-scenes of a book in progress. I have always found it interesting to see how book designers work, how they annotate their proofs, and to compare a designer’s (or printer’s) preliminary plans with the finished work in order to see how the design evolved.

I want to line something up for P23 (our fall 2012 issue) and wondered if in your travels, you have ever come across a particularly interesting example of a marked-up proof that might be a good candidate for P23’s “Copy & Print”. It could be a contemporary example — or an older one. Think of the work of other bookmakers you know, items you’ve seen in libraries or special collections….
I’d be grateful for any leads! Please contact me at NAEditor@fpba.com.

Spread the word! Thanks!

— Paul Razzell

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