The FPBA wants YOU to contribute to the special, deluxe copies of Parenthesis 21

Dear letterpress printers & FPBA colleagues,

I am writing on behalf of the North American chapter of the Fine Press Book Association to invite you to contribute an ephemeral piece to the special copies of Parenthesis 21, which will go to press this summer. The special copies are hard bound, and slipcased with a portfolio which includes pieces of ephemera from various presses and printers. We are asking this as a donation of time and materials, with the object of having your work shown to an audience who might otherwise not encounter it.

The ephemera can take almost any form you wish, but there are restrictions as to size. The finished piece should measure no more than 8 1/2 by 11 inches [215 by 275 mm], although of course it may be a larger sheet folded down to that size. We will need 115 copies of whatever piece you print for the deluxe membership editions and for a bundle exchange amongst contributors. Please note this is a portfolio exchange for contributors — you will not receive the bound edition.

For this issue we would especially like to receive submissions from Massachusetts printers and presses—but that does not preclude anyone else from participating.

So go ahead, throw some ink around, stretch your typographic legs! Color is not essential but is always welcome, as are illustrated pieces. This is your opportunity to print that little broadsheet, pamphlet, poem card, or whatever else you have had in the typographic corner of your mind for months or years. We only ask that you do not simply send a prospectus for a book you are printing, or which you have printed. This is not a forum for direct advertising, but an opportunity to show your style and to have some fun. In the process, you will greatly help Parenthesis and the Fine Press Book Association.

Some past contributors of printed ephemera to the North American deluxe edition include:

Arion Press, Aliquando Press, Cotton Socks Press, Barbarian Press, Gehenna Press, Full Moon Press, Incline Press, Leopard Studio Editions, Lock’s Press, Loveletter Press, Midnight Paper Sales, (m)Other Tongue Press, Passim Editions, Red Howler Press, Robin Price, Sherwin Beach Press, Walking Bird Press, Warwick Press, Whittington Press, and Yellow Barn Press, to name but a few.

If you are not a member of the FPBA already, that need not preclude your taking part, but please consider joining. The association is the only organization that is furthering the work of fine press printing and the book arts in both North America and the UK, and Parenthesis, which appears twice a year, is the only forum in which books from presses such as yours are reviewed and advertised. To join the FPBA, go to:


1. If you wish to contribute something, please contact me (Mark McMurray) by e-mail to confirm. My address is

2. Your contribution should be sent NO LATER THAN June 15, 2011. Please send your work to:

Mark McMurray

Caliban Press

14 Jay Street

Canton, NY 13617 USA

3. Remember that the overall size of the finished piece must be 8 1/2 by 11 inches or less.

4. Please email me a short blurb about yourself and your submission, as we will include a cover sheet in the portfolio that will give some details about you.

We thank you very much for your consideration, and we hope you will be joining us in this project.

With all best bibliographic wishes,

Mark McMurray

Deluxe Ephemera Coordinator


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