Guest Post Number 1: Lunch with the Typophiles by Jason Dewinetz


Jason Dewinetz of Greenboathouse Press was recently paid the honour of being invited by the Typophiles to give a presentation at their spring luncheon in New York City.

Jason is a fine designer and printer and it is no wonder his work caught the eye of the Typophiles. The subject of his presentation was contemporary fine printing in western Canada, which means he talked about the works of the big three of Canada’s west: Barbarian Press, Jim Rimmer’s Pie Tree Press, and Heavenly Monkey.

I’m very pleased that Jason agreed to contribute an account of his visit to New York to the this blog. The following article is the first in a series of occasional Guest Posts to be featured on the FPBA blog. If you have an idea for a Guest Post, we’d love to hear about it. Please address it to Paul Razzell at NAEditor [at] FPBA [dot] com.

Read ‘Lunch with the Typophiles.’

— Paul Razzell

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2 Responses to “Guest Post Number 1: Lunch with the Typophiles by Jason Dewinetz”

  1. L. D. Mitchell Says:

    An auspicious beginning to what hopefully will become a well-established and much-beloved feature of this blog!


  2. Anuncios Convivio Says:

    This is beautiful typography and printing, and a wonderful documentary. I’ll show it to my typography students and try to help them understand the magic of getting ink under one’s fingernails. Mr. Christian is a crafstman carrying on a rich tradition. We can all be inspired by that.

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