Gaylord Schanilec’s Sylvae

I realized this morning that I never posted about Sylvae, Gaylord Schanilec’s latest effort which came out more than a few months ago. Working with Ben Verhoeven, Gaylord has created a fascinating history of his farm as seen through the trees on the property. Here are the details:

Standard Edition
8 x 12 inches. 192 pp. 120 numbered copies.
Text and images printed on Zerkall book laid.
Quarter leather bare wooden board lapped case binding. In a slipcase.
Copies will be available December 2007 / January 2008.
Retail: $1200

Large Paper Edition
10 x 15 inches. 192 pp. 26 lettered copies.
Text pages printed on handmade paper. Images printed on a special making of Zerkall no. 7625.
Quarter leather Medieval style laced wooden board binding. Contained in an
enclosure along with a separate box of 25 specimens (one for each species represented.)
Copies will be available 2008.
Retail: $7500

Even if you can’t buy a copy, try to find an opportunity to see this book – it’s one of my favorites. You can see a number of images from the book online: .

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