Designer bookbinders launch web presence

The [currently] 23 members of Designer Bookbinders of America have a web site to promote themselves. Each binder has an abstract image in a quilt on the member page, and scrolling over it brings up the name of the binder; when you click through you are offered more images of the member’s work, as well as links to his or her web site and contact information. They also have a remarkably complete listing of events. It’s a clean and attractive site, and we can hope it generates work for the members.Bookbinders These particular quilt swatches represent (from left to right and top to bottom): Monique Lallier, Gavin Dovey, Donald Glaister, Richard Minsky, Robert Wu, Sol Rebora, Louise Mauger, Amy Borezo, and James Reid-Cunningham.

–Bob McCamant

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