Coincidental Pleasures

The Warwick Press has recently published Coincidental Pleasures: Printing & Farming, an essay by Bob Baris that was originally published in Matrix 24. Coincidental Pleasures consists of Bob’s reflections on his life as a printer and as a farmer and is a great read. The details:

Seventy-five copies of Bob Baris’s book were designed, illustrated, letterpress printed and hand bound by Carol J. Blinn. The text paper is Zerkall Book and the typefaces are Adobe Jenson Pro with Zapfino for display. Fifty copies are bound using Carol’s decorative paste papers; twenty-five copies are bound using dyed limp sheep vellum in a variety of beautiful, earth colored tones.

75 copies; 6 by 8 ½ inches high; 32 pages;
8 hand colored line drawings; signed by Bob and Carol

$ 375.00 paste paper binding
$ 575.00 sheep vellum binding

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