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Owen Legg & “The Gardens of Stowe”

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Owen Legg (Woodcraft Press) has recently published The Gardens of Stowe.  From the prospectus:

When I first saw these gardens thirty years ago, their magnificence impressed me.  Imagination peopled them with nymphs and satyrs.  This idealised landscape cried out to be painted, perhaps with nudes in the forground.  Over the years this memory remained with me to produce a series of prints where the buildings are combined with famous paintings. […]

The standard binding used is pale green shot-silk, with green hand-made marled paper by Ann Muir for the end papers.  Each one costs £250, including a slip case.  Other bindings can be arranged as needed, such as half-bound calf at £330.  Mounted prints, with margins for framing, are also available at £65 each.

You can see a sampling of Legg’s linocuts at his website.