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“Dearth of Typographic Expression in E-books”

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


“As books make the leap from cellulose and ink to electronic pages, some editors worry that too much is being lost in translation. Typography, layout, illustrations and carefully thought-out covers are all being reduced to a uniform, black-on-gray template that looks the same whether you’re reading Pride and Prejudice, Twilight or the Federalist Papers.”

E-books may not be ugly forever, but for now the dull-grey template is going to have to do. Read the full Wired article here. Interesting to see book design and typography make the news.

—Paul Razzell

e-books and the publishing industry’s tipping point

Monday, May 4th, 2009

From this morning’s Independent: ‘While the internet has savaged the newspaper and recorded industries, it has had much less impact on the book business. But in 2009, one big thing and many little things in new media have conspired to bring traditional publishing to boiling point. Writers, publishers and readers have collectively reached a threshold of change from which they can’t retreat.

That one big thing is digital book technology. Until now, the e-book has been more breathless theory than digital practice. But with the growing popularity of the second generation Amazon Kindle (still available only in the US), the Sony Reader and persistent rumours of a digital reading device from the American book retailer Barnes & Noble, the idea of replacing the bulky book with a convenient digital device is increasingly attractive.’ Read the full article here.