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More audio interviews with fine printing folk

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Our good friend Nigel Beale over at Nota Bene Books blog has posted a number of revealing fine-press-related interviews recently. These include:

Rocky Steinhour of the Steinhour Press

Claire van Vliet of the Janus Press

Larry Thompson: On the Process of Letterpress Printing

St. Armand’s David Carruthers by Nigel Beale: On Making Paper for Books

Nigel’s remarkable site has a whole section of audio interviews with book arts folk that is well worth checking out. Lots of good photos, too, including this shot of Roderick Steinhour that I particularly like (listen to Nigel Beale’s recent interview with Rocky Steinhour here):


Photo by Nigel beale.

— Paul Razzell