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Juror awards at Pyramid Atlantic

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The Pyramid Atlantic eleventh biennial book fair continues in Silver Spring, MD through today (November 7). It continues their tradition of having jurors select what they found most interesting among the exhibits.

Helen Frederick, Pyramid Atlantic’s emeritus director, selected the work of Sarah Bryant, of Aurora, NY–in particular, her piece Biology, shown below. It is an exploration of the chemicals which make up the human body, and the role of those chemicals elsewhere in the world. Sarah is proprietor of the Big Jump Press and currently Victor Hammer Fellow at Wells College.
Biology, by Sarah Bryant

Katherine Blood, curator of prints at the Library of Congress, picked the work of Dean Dass, who is a professor in printmaking at the University of Virginia. Although Dass sometimes produces multiples, Blood cited a unique manuscript book, The Phalanx Continues to Advance, which explores the relationship between the first Gulf War and the many other invasions of Iraq over the centuries. It includes a variety of media from typewriter to gouache.

Robert Tillman, who runs the web site, was unable to attend. Nonetheless, he selected the work of Katie Baldwin of Queen Anne’s Revenge Press in Philadelphia. Her book The River Parcenta is shown.

–Bob McCamant