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Three Alices

Monday, March 30th, 2009


A few posts back, I mentioned the Sir John Tenniel 110th Anniversary ‘Nursery Alice’ Collection. While I’ve always admired these illustrations, some of the more modern interpretations are equally engaging and breathe new life into Alice and her friends. Mervyn Peake, Franciszka Themerson, and Nicholas Perry produced new editions of Alice in recent years, and Alan White looks at each in detail in Parenthesis 8. Well worth a good look. Back issues of this number are still available. A subscription to Parenthesis comes free with membership in the FPBA.

Above: The Walrus & the Carpenter drawn by Franciszka Themerson.

— Paul Razzell

Devil’s Artisan launches new website

Friday, March 20th, 2009

For thirty years, The Devil’s Artisan has been the premiere journal of the printing arts in Canada. They’ve just revamped their website to include a blog and other features, including free dingbats. The latest issue is guest-edited by Martha Fleming on the subject of her father, Allan Fleming.

From the website:

The Devil’s Artisan (DA) first appeared in 1980 under the editorship of Paul Forage, William Rueter (University of Toronto Press) and Glenn Goluska, latterly of Coach House Press (Toronto) and currently print design consultant to Phyllis Lambert at the Centre for the Study of Architecture in Montreal. The magazine was founded `for the purpose of presenting to Canadian readers information on the craft of printing and bookmaking, on bibliographic and historic matters, and on communicative, sociological, and technical subjects related to printing.’

The Porcupine’s Quill purchased the magazine in the spring of 1995 and has published two issues a year, spring and fall, since that time.

–Paul Razzell