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“A Line” from Incline Press

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Incline Press recently published A Line by Suyeon Kim. The details:

In keeping with the linear nature of the story, we chose to treat the prints as a continuous illustration, each page turning into the next. To show the changing patterns of light throughout the day, the palest of tints was printed on each page, from the pale peach of dawn through the bright yellow of mid-day to the purples of dusk. Over this we printed Suyeon’s woodcut landscape, then her linocuts to plot the main lines of the story. Finally, in red and yellow watercolour, the finishing touch, by hand.

Front cover of "A Line"

A small edition, with only 150 copies for sale, A Line is made up of 16 prints printed on Velin Cuve BFK Rives paper from John Purcell Paper. The book is accordion folded into a hard cover and slip case, 10 x 7 inches. The case uses blue book cloth and handmade Korean paper, captured rather than glued so that the surface ripples on the boards. A hand-coloured seven-page prospectus, relating the story in words, accompanies each book.

To see more or to get ordering details, visit the Incline Press website.

— John Russell

FPBA members exhibit their works at the Bath Literature Festival

Monday, February 1st, 2010

A number of FPBA members will be showing their artists’ books, calligraphy, and prints during the Bath Literature Festival at the Gallery in Chapel Row, Bath from February 13 to March 2, 2010. The list of exhibitors includes Susan Allix, Olivia Clifton-Bligh, Gwasg Gregynog, Impact Press, Incline Press, Inky Parrot Press, Spoon Print Press, Mintyfresh (Kate Holland), Andy Moore, Old School Press, Old Stile Press, p’s & q’s press, Whittington Press, Woodcroft Press, and engraver Neil Bousfield.

A big thanks to Frances McDowall of the Old Stile Press for the tip. — Paul Razzell

New Blake Book from Incline Press

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

walkingill3New from Incline Press is Walking Round Cambridge with William Blake:Auguries of Innocence illustrated by Rose Harries. The Incline Press folks write: “Rose Harries was a stranger to Blake’s couplets until last year when she spent some time with them, then, wandering the streets of Cambridge, fitting her impressions of the poem with the modern scenes of street-life. Not surprisingly, her line drawings open the text in a new way, prompting the reader to a fresh view of a complex masterpiece.” The text is set in 18-point Baskerville, printed on Zerkall, and bound in quarter-cloth and decorated paper over boards. The price is GBP 45 (includes postage); there are also unbound sheets available for GBP 33 (postage included). More details (and a picture of the book) at the Incline Press website; to order, visit their How to Order page.

— John Russell

Track down rare books, print & bind them in minutes: Britain’s first book vending machine

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Print and bind a 500-page novel in five minutes? A new device now in operation at London’s Blackwell bookshop let’s you do just that. Using a database of 400,000 titles, you can locate ‘rare’ books, hit ‘Print’ and in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette, your typeset, printed, and bound book drops down a chute. Clunk! According to the Telegraph‘s Matthew Moore, who describes the machine ‘spewing out’ hundreds of pages a minute, ‘the results were impressive. The hefty work that skidded out of the chute, while slightly sticky to the touch, looked and felt like a standard edition, even down to the correct ISBN number on the back. The paper and ink are the same quality used in larger presses, and the binding appeared flawless.’

Never have I heard of something that was spewed down a chute be described as flawless, but perhaps I don’t get out as much as I should. After a bit of digging, I have found a number of websites running the fawning, ecstatic headline ‘Now, a “book vending machine” that can print 540-page book in 9 mins!’ [1] [2] [3] etc, ad nauseam. In any event, you can read more about it here.

— Paul Razzell

“Hung out to dry”

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Incline Press has recently published another celebration of the broadsheet and other ephemera:

Hung out to Dry
A typographic extravaganza
83 pages, 14 x 10 inches, the book has a cloth spine and marbled paper over boards, and is housed in a cloth-covered slipcase.

Single-sheet printing feeds the creative energy at Incline Press like nothing else. While we take much serious pleasure in seeing a book through from its manuscript beginnings to its completion in the bindery, printing ephemera sets us free to play.

Hung Out to Dry is a scrapbook of the last seven years of printers’ play. Sixty-seven examples of such ephemera include broadsheets, slip songs, handbills, keepsakes, bookmarks, bookplates, and small posters displaying more than 60 typefaces from Arrighi to Weiss. A wide variety of rare borders, stock blocks, wood engravings and linocuts decorate them. Texts include classic poetry, bookish extracts and amusing quotations.

A descriptive text, set in 12 point Garamond, puts each piece into context, describing the type and ornaments used and the occasion for which it was printed.

The Special edition has sold out, but copies of the standard edition are still available, bound by Chris Hicks with a cloth spine and marbled paper boards . The prospectus advertises this book without a slipcase, but once it was bound we realised that it needed casing, and have set the price accordingly at £175 post paid.

Three Truly New Books from Incline Press

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Contrary to my last post, these items truly are recent (or soon to come) productions from Incline Press:

The first is a retelling of Aesop’s fable of The Miller, His Son & Their Ass, which unfortunately doesn’t have a website and, more unfortunately, is sold out. The Incline website indicates that “Copies may still be available from Oak Knoll Books in the US and Collinge & Clark in London or Bruce Holdsworth Books in St Leonards on Sea — all are on the web.” If you’re bummed about this, become a subscriber and never miss out on another Incline book!

Next up is Sunspots: Poems by Ray Greenblatt with a tri-tone linocut by Bert Eastman. From the description:

We thought these poems deserved special treatment, so we’ve selected hand-made paper imported from India, purchased bright new founts of 16 point Weiss Italic type from the Bauer Foundry in Barcelona Spain for hand setting, and asked Bert Eastman to make us a tri-tone linocut after a marble relief of the sun in the Archaeological Museum at Bergama in Turkey. Beyond that, the poems are reliant on their language for adornment and illustration.

We are sewing the tri-fold leaves in an unglued binding with golden Irish linen thread onto yellow ribbons which tie to keep the book closed. It is then slipped into an archival manilla chemise with a title-label.

The edition is of 100 copies only and costs £45.00 including delivery or £36.00 for unsewn sheets.

Sunspots Illustration
Last is a printing of the first Justin Howes Memorial Lecture delivered by James Mosley, Handmade Type: Thoughts on the preservation of typographic materials:

Three hundred and fifty copies of this lecture have been printed on Zerkall Butten paper using Monotype Caslon cast by Harry McIntosh at Speedspools. The title-page border uses 19th-century Figgins ornaments recast by Stevens Shanks in the 1960s.

The book is two sections, 24 pages, 10 x 6 inches, and cased in stiff card with a square spine.

£3.00/$5.00 from each book sold will be donated to the Justin Howes Memorial Lecture fund.

(Relatively) New from Incline Press: Garden Relicts

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Garden Relicts by Bert & Molly Eastman was published by the Incline Press last Fall or perhaps even last Summer [I really am behind on things!]. From the website:

As with gardening, this is a joint effort. While Molly may hold the pen and Bert the knife, each looks over the shoulder of the other as the work progresses, making this a thoroughly integrated collaboration. There are twenty-one pages, printed recto only, hand set in 24 point Bembo italic and illustrated with fifteen one, two and three colour linocuts and copper relief etchings. The stab-sewn binding has been done by hand in the workshop of Chris Hicks using cloth hinges and an original Curwen Press Elizabeth Friedlander patterned paper over the boards. Printed on Magnani paper in an edition of 140 copies, all numbered and signed.

Order a copy or get in touch with Graham & Kathy.

New from Incline Press

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Burin, Box & Board: Lennart Forsberg is the latest book from Incline Press. Here are some of the details:

The wood engravings, wood cuts and linocuts of graphic artist Lennart Forsberg are at the centre of Burin, Box and Board. The book contains thirty-nine prints, all printed from the original wood or lino, as well as a photo of the artist taken beside his 1873 hand press. These prints, along with the text, reveal the many aspects of Forsberg’s long working life as an engraver, designer and printmaker. […]

Set in Gill Sans, including the rarely seen alternative letterforms cut in the 1930s to conform to other sans serif designs, the titling and page numbers are printed in a clear aqua and the text in a soft grey in order to privilege the black and white of the wood engravings. The book is about 10 inches square (260 mm), four 16-page sections, 57 pages in all and hand bound in the workshop of Stephen Conway in printed-paper over boards with a cloth spine.

Of an edition of 150, ten are the gift of the artist; one hundred copies are slipcased and include a loose copy of one of the three-colour woodcuts from the book. Sheets of this edition for binders are priced at £100.00; bound copies of the standard edition are £136.00.

Forty specials, each housed in a drop-back box, also include six signed and numbered prints (five multi-coloured and one black and white) printed specially for the edition by Lennart Forsberg in his studio in Sweden. A copy of the 23-page illustrated catalogue published for Forsberg’s 90th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition and a photograph of the artist at his proofing press taken by Thorsten Sjölin in October 2005 are also included in the box. This special edition is priced at £282.00.

For more information on this, or any other Incline Press book, visit their website or contact them directly:

Mail: Incline Press 36 Bow Street Oldham OL1 1SJ
Phone: 0161 627 1966 (from overseas, drop the first 0 and add 011 44 before the 161)

A Paper Snowstorm

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Now published (I’m pretty sure) is the latest from Incline Press – A Paper Snowstorm: Toni Savage & the Leicester Broadsheets.

Ever since the early 1960s, the private presses of Leicester and the surrounding country have attracted particular attention for their remarkable booklet and broadsheet publications. At the centre of the exploits was Toni Savage — one-time opera singer and now folk-club enthusiast and printer extraordinary — an active inspiration to many potential printer-publishers in the waning days of commercial letterpress. A Paper Snowstorm is his story, as told by several of his contemporaries: Alan Brignull, Duine Campbell, Rigby Graham & Cynthia Savage, with examples of printed work as the main illustrations. The book includes a listing of broadsheets issued with Leicestershire imprints to the end of 2004, compiled by Derek Deadman. The book is illustrated throughout with more than thirty-five facsimiles tipped onto the pages, woodcuts, engravings, line drawings and photographs of the printers at work. In a folder within the book’s slipcase are ten original Leicester Broadsheets: five Phoenix Broadsheets from the press of Toni Savage and at least one each from Alan Brignull, Derek Deadman, Hans van Eijk, Rigby Graham and Cynthia Savage. The book has been printed in an edition of 200. 14 x 10 inches the book, with the accompanying folder comes in a slipcase. Printed from metal type using a Victoria Platen Press, the text is set in Bembo on Magnani mould-made paper and bound in the workshop of Stephen Conway. The price is £168 ($300) including post and packing.

Direct queries (or orders) to or Incline Press, 36 Bow Street, Oldham OL1 1SJ, England.

Two Books from Incline Press

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Recently issued from Incline Press:
Images of History by Terry Wyke is a history of Manchester Metropolitan University as told through a series of lovely illustrations.

To be published (maybe already released):
A Christmas Carol illustrated by Chris Burke. From the prospectus:

Among his colour work Chris Burke has created over fifty murals for Ottaker’s bookshops, from Banbury to Woking, and many a cover for The Sunday Times Books section, as well as many advertising commissions and book jackets. His black and white works include the series of portraits, Birthdays of the Rich and Famous, and a particularly striking poster for the Welsh National Opera production of Carmen. A portfolio of his work can be seen at

Surpisingly this is his first illustrated book, and we are pleased to have four full colour plates and four more in black and white. The book is printed from metal type and hand bound with a cloth spine and decorated paper sides over boards.

Eight copies containing one each of the original illustrations have already been spoken for. The rest of the edition of two hundred copies, each numbered, contains an original sketch made while planning the illustrations, signed by Chris Burke.

Copies will be posted in the first week of December, and the price of $130 includes postage. There are no loose items in this book, but should you require a slip-case to match the book, they can be ordered for delivery with the book, price $30 each.

For more information or to order a copy, contact Graham Moss and Kathy Whalen, Incline Press, 36 Bow Street, Oldham OL1 1SJ England,,