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Da Vinci’s Flying Machine the Subject of a Forthcoming Title from De Walden Press

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Seeing how printers and book artists transform the kernel of an idea—or a moment of inspiration—into a book is a perennially fascinating topic, and one I hope to write more about in this blog.

Jan Kellet of De Walden Press in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, is hard at work on a new book called Leonardo Dreams, which was inspired by a performance of Charles Anthony Silvestri and Eric Whitacre’s Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine. Jan discusses her use of Da Vinci’s drawings in the book, which will reproduce Silvestri’s text of Whiteacre’s score.

Jan writes,

I’m currently working on a new book, Leonardo Dreams. The text is the result of a work produced by Charles Anthony Silvestri (words) and Eric Whitacre (music). The two talented men drafted and composed the work Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine and I first heard it sung by the Canadian Youth Choir in May of 2006. I found it so uplifting and stimulating that I decided to ask permission to use the text for my forthcoming book. This will be a small edition, maximum size eighteen, maybe smaller. To be published sometime in 2010, more details later. I’m hoping to use handmade paper from Griffen Mill (see below) for the printed text of Leonardo Dreams.

Follow Jan’s work on Leonardo Dreams on her blog.

— Paul Razzell

Thank you, De Walden Press, for the shameless plug

Thursday, February 11th, 2010
In a fit of shamelessness, FPBA member Jan Kellet posts this plug for the Association in the Booked Out blog. (I’m all for shamelessness, just as I’m all for the FPBA, which is why I’m reposting Jan’s plug here):

“Here comes a shameless plug for the Fine Press Book Association, our only association of its kind in North America, and possibly in the English-speaking world. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love to hear of the existence of something similar in say Australia or New Zealand.) Like all great cultural things, it is in need of support in these times of economic hardship. I know, you can’t eat it or put it in your tank, but . . . They say a nation is judged by its culture, so let’s make sure we have something left to judge us by when the dust settles. New members and donations welcome.

The President of FPBA, Bob McCamant, wrote an article for The Caxtonian which was published in June 2008, on interviews conducted with several BC private presses. De Walden Press is pleased to be included. Fine press is alive and well in North America. End of shameless plug. . . .”

Well said, Jan. Thanks.

Just one thing: The Fine Press Book Association is an international organization and we are pleased to have members in all continents (except Antarctica). Our superb journal Parenthesis casts its net far and wide and features the work from presses from the world over. Our fall issue will see work from India, Europe, and North America. End of another shameless plug.

Now go read what Jan has to say about making miniature books then check out the De Walden Press website.

— Paul Razzell