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News from Heavenly Monkey

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Rollin Milroy of Heavenly Monkey sends word of his latest:

Chasing Paper in San Francisco

Two new books from the Heavenly Monkey studio were debuted at the recent CODEX book fair in Berkeley, CA. The first, A Young Printer in San Francisco, recounts Robert R. Reid’s trip to San Francisco in 1949, the year his first limited-edition book, The Fraser Mines Vindicated, was included in the Rounce & Coffin Club’s annual book. A Young Printer in San Francisco - Postscript Driving down to attend the show, Bob stopped in San Francisco, and during just a few days there, managed to meet a number of the city’s printing luminaries: the Grabhorn brothers, Col. Carroll Harris, and perhaps most memorable of all, William Everson, then at work on A Privacy of Speech. This brief account of the trip is written in Reid’s customary style effusive for all things printed. Set by hand in 18-pt Perpetua and printed in two colors with our handpress on dampened handmade HM Text paper. The frontis is a specially commissioned contemporary linocut portrait of Robert by Andrea Taylor of Cotton Socks Press.

The edition of 50 signed and numbered copies (8vo, 12 pp) is issued in two states. The Majuscule state (numbers 1-15) has multiple signatures cased in Reg Lissel’s transparent vellum paper, lined with a custom-made sheet of paste paper. These copies feature a frontis printed chine colle and signed by Taylor, and include a photo-etching reproduction of a snapshot of Robert Reid taken en route to San Francisco. Priced at C$450, these copies were fully subscribed before publication. The Miniscule state (numbers 16-50) is a single signature sewn in a wrap of (different) paste paper made by Reg Lissel. Priced at C$150.

The second book issued at CODEX, through Heavenly Monkey Editions, was Claudia Cohen‘s Chasing Paper. This massive collection of over 300 paper samples – each spread a peacock’s plume of colors and patterns – generated significant attention at the show, with the edition of 30 copies selling out by the second day. The book’s assembled papers loosely fall into two sets of contrasts: Eastern vs Western papers, and handcrafted decorative vs commercially-printed papers. Chasing Paper SampleThe selections include (to name a few) money, pre-20th century wallpaper, consumable packages, marbled, handmade, and labels, all varying in sizes from small scraps to full sheets. The book includes a preface by Claudia explaining her passion for paper of all sorts, and providing some context for the selections included. This, the title page and the colophon were printed at Heavenly Monkey. The book is assembled and bound by Claudia, and issued in an edition of 30 numbered and 5 AP copies. Copies are available through Heavenly Monkey’s regular booksellers.