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Central Booking at Codex Book Fair 2011

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Maddy Rosenberg of Central Booking gallery of Brooklyn, New York specializes in artist books and prints. She is a bookmaker herself, as well as lithographer, painter and international curator.

Click on the link below recorded at Codex Book Fair to hear Rosenberg on the opportunity for collectors to enter the art world via the book arts:

»Maddy Rosenberg on the market for book collecting

Rosenberg holds a black bear jawbone wrapped in strips of a map by book artist Steven Daiber. ($300)

“It’s taking the book onto a different plane,” she says “out of the codex, out of the binding and creating a narrative around it.”

“The book is a three-dimensional object, so it’s basically taking it to the next step,” says Rosenberg.

Click the link below to hear Rosenberg:

»Maddy Rosenberg on Steven Daiber’s “Jawbone”

Rosenberg holds Miriam Schaer’s altered book “Hands of Josephus.” ($2000)

Click on the link below to hear Rosenberg talk about the art form of the “altered book.”

»Maddy Rosenberg on an altered book by Miriam Schaer

~Suzanne Ahearne