Republication effort: a model for the fine press world?

5e0287e5e348fcebf95fdd6a0a88bd94“The first exact copy of Depero Futurista, the Italian Futurist masterpiece of early-20th-century book-making is now available on Kickstarter.” That’s the meat of it. It’s an interesting idea, which is owned by Steve Kroeter, according to the Kickstarter page. I heard from Russell Fernandez about it. If they don’t get $249,000 in pledges they won’t make it. In a sense, it’s a no-lose proposition…nobody is out (except the creator of the VERY elaborate Kickstarter page with its lengthy video) if they don’t make their nut. (And nobody has to kick in what they said they would.)

Wouldn’t we all be glad we were going to sell out our run before we started printing? (Besides, I have an excuse to run the cool page design in the blog.)

–Bob McCamant


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  1. steven kennedy Says:

    I was disappointed in the lack of production details—other than reminding us about the bolts. You have to dig deep to find out:

    • Facsimile Edition: 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches (24 cm x 32 cm), oblong
    • 240 pages, including one gatefold
    • On papers of various weight and colors
    • Includes 28 pages of black-and-white and four-color images; 108 pages of
    one- and two-color type
    • Bound in flexible blue boards, printed in black and silver, secured by two
    large aluminum bolts

    A Limited Edition of The Bolted Book Facsimile, the focus of a second,
    simultaneous Kickstarter, will be printed letterpress and will feature bolted and
    hinged metal front and back covers — replicating the four or five books Depero
    originally issued with this feature as special gifts for people like Marinetti. The
    book will be supplemented by a hardcover Study Guide.

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