Parenthesis 21: The Massachusetts Issue now out

Our special issue of Parenthesis devoted to fine printing and the book arts in Massachusetts is now out, and early responses from FPBA members are starting to roll in:

“Jaw-droppingly beautiful.”

“It is so far beyond my greatest imaginings that I am speechless. It takes the magazine to another level entirely.”

“A wonderfully rich and vibrant issue … it would be impossible to come away from it with the belief that the fine book is in decline.”

Here’s a list of the contents of the issue. All members should have their copies in their hands shortly. Not a member? Join now!

Special Feature:
Fine Printing and Book Arts in Massachusetts
My Studies at the Free Academy of Gehenna, Lance Hidy
The Society of Printers, Richard Zauft
Straighten Up and Dress Right, Barry Moser 
Abigail Rorer and Barry Moser, Simon Brett
Arno Werner, Leonard Baskin, Harold P. McGrath and the Tradition of Book Arts in Massachusetts, Barbara Blumenthal
To Heaven in a Hellbox with Art Larson, Michael Kuch
The Story of Daniel E. Kelm, Aprile Gallant 
David Bourbeau, Bibliotect (1942–2009), Jesse Rossa
The Private Press Activities of William Addison Dwiggins Part 1: ‘The White Elephant and The Fabulist, 1913–1921’, Bruce Kennett
The Sun Hill Press, Jesse Marsolais
Wild Carrot Letterpress, Bruce Chandler
A Field Guide to Book Arts Programs in New England, Katherine M. Ruffin
A Checklist of Fine Press Books Produced in Massachusetts and Published in 2010, Michael Russem

Beyond Massachusetts
Fine Printing in the Northeast Kingdom: The Stinehour Press, Elton Hall
Wolfgang Buchta, Russell Maret
Glenn Goluska, Chester Gryski
William B. Ewert, Publisher: A Passion for Writers and Writing, John Kristensen
David Wolfe and Scott Vile: Practicing the Black Art in Maine, Ian J. Kahn
MCBA × 25 = Space + Time, Betty Bright

How to Photograph Books, Annie Schlechter

Fine Printing’s Design Problem, Michael Russem
McDonald’s or Chez Panisse?, Jerry Kelly

Copy and Print
Barbarian Press’s The Play of Pericles

Book Reviews
Alphabetum Romanum: The Letterforms of Felice Feliciano c. 1460, Verona, Bruce Whiteman
The Artist & the Capitalist: William Morris and Richard Marsden, Fran Durako
Displaced, David Evans
French Renaissance Printing TypesAndrew Steeves
In the School of Baskin, Terrence Chouinard
Love, Graham Nash, David Evans
Papermaking at Hayle Mill, Beth Kanell
25 Years of Artists’ Books by Robin Price, Publisher, Crispin Elsted

Books Briefly Noted, Paul W. Nash


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